Dona Mécia – Red Wine

In 1242, D. Sancho II’s wife, queen Dª. Mécia, was kept in Ourém castle. From her window, she could enjoy the lush green vineyards landscape. Today, the northwest tower of Ourém Castle is known as Dª. Mécia tower.

This Reserve wine was born from Trincadeira, Castelão and Baga grapes varieties, and was produced by a traditional method, ageeing in barrels of French and American oak, during 14 months, then in bottles in the wine cellar.


Organoleptic  characteristics
It has a limpid aspect, with an intense rubi colour, rich and full flavours, showing ripe fruit and jam flavours, ending with elegance and with vanilla notes. In the mouth, it is full-bodied, smooth with notes of red fruits, chocolate and light toast, with persistent and long final taste.

Wine-making process
Crushing and partial destemming. It is produced by traditional fermentation method in stainless steel vats, with  8-10 days maceration  at 28°C. Its maturation occures afterwards in barrels of French and American oak about 14 months, then in bottles in the wine cellar.

This wine is recommended to go along in particular with game meat dishes, red meats, cod, roasts, mature cheeses.  A big glass should be used to enhance all its potential.  Temperature  of consumption:   17°-l8°C.

Keep the bottle lying down, far from light. To ensure its quality, the wine was bottled without
treatment by cold  for  it can form  some sediment  during  the maturation in the bottle.